Running payroll in-house can be a huge drain on time and resources for businesses

Our integrated team of specialists based in Nicosia can handle the entire payroll function of international businesses with offices in Cyprus and beyond. We can manage part or all of our clients’ payroll administration – from salary calculations and processing to regulatory compliance and end-of-year returns.

Payroll is a specialized function that requires skilled staff to run on time and completely free from human error

In the case of our firm, every PAYE process and touchpoint with the local authorities is being handled by an expert with deep experience and expertise.

For businesses that appreciate the critical nature of the payroll function and costs involved with maintaining top payroll software, the necessary security, compliance and staff training, we are here to provide that much needed comfort and support.

We tailor the range and level of our services to match the specific needs of our clients’ business, providing exceptional value for money.

A mobile workforce presents challenges that require expert HR knowledge and specialized processes.

Payroll legislation is a highly complex area. With rules and policies so often in flux, processing payroll in-house is often costly and inefficient. Our specialist team offers a flexible way of managing clients’ HR and payroll requirements in Cyprus and beyond.

At Abacus, our team of payroll specialists has been carefully put together to meet the requirements of companies that are seeking a consistent and reliable service that is scalable and flexible.

We recognize that today’s workforce has numerous HR needs and, above all, wants to know the exact net amount they will be paid and that they will be paid on time with accuracy and complete confidentiality. Using the latest technology and platforms, we help in the delivery of streamlined and automated payroll and HR processes. 

With a view to maximize value to our clients, our payroll team is fully integrated with our individual tax team which provides the luxury of having a more holistic view of the tax position of an individual.