At Abacus, our family services are provided by our in-house experts, in collaboration with external partners and clients’ personal advisors. We take a holistic, global, yet personalized approach to assessing clients’ needs.

Wealth Planning

Planning today, for tomorrow. Our wealth planning services are designed to support clients’ way of life and, eventually, retirement and transfer of assets to future generations.

We take clients’ residency into account and work with legal, tax advisors, asset managers, bankers, trustees and other partners/specialists to adapt our advice to clients’ circumstances.

This enables us to offer long-term, bespoke solutions that address issues such as asset protection, tax optimization, inter-generational succession planning, liquidity planning and relocation.

Family office advisory

We understand that each family office—much like the family it serves—is unique, with its own sophisticated requirements and complex challenges. At the same time, we recognize the fundamental challenges experienced by all, including the need to find innovative solutions that go beyond traditional asset management. Today, family offices are the hub through which families manage their wealth and affairs.

From the careful, prudent design, planning and development of a family office to the comprehensive, tailored offering and services clients’ family offices need, we’re here to guide and support on an ongoing basis. Our family office services are customized to fit the unique needs of each family. From the beginning we work with clients to understand their needs, goals, and challenges, developing a suite of services that help them and their families better manage their wealth.

Through a single point of contact, our clients enjoy access to a network of specialists. Whether it’s advice on assets or a family member’s personal situation, our team helps clients organize family interests to maximize success across generations.


Being proactive and planning for the future in today's uncertain times is especially important.

And when it comes to succession planning or safeguarding clients’ assets against unforeseen circumstances, it is never too early to start. Whether clients need to set up a trust to protect assets, for charitable purposes, as a profit-sharing scheme for employees, or to protect loved ones, we can act as trustees.

We have a fully licensed and regulated trust company in Cyprus. Abacus trustees has been acting as Trustee of prominent clients for decades, demonstrating the importance placed on the long-term delivery of high-quality trust services in a reputable international business center. We provide the full range of trust offerings as well as customized structures tailored to a client’s particular requirements. The Trustees work closely with the client’s legal, tax and other advisers to ensure that the most suitable structure is established to meet the client’s needs.

Our specialized Trust team offers high-level solutions for wealth and asset management with particular focus on the establishment and operation of Cyprus International Trusts. Drawing upon its vast experience, will provide professional advice tailored to clients’ circumstances on how to best structure and protect assets for family planning - succession of future generations and will arrange for the establishment, organization and ongoing administration of a Trust.


Good governance helps families and companies operate more efficiently and plays a vital role in maintaining the strength and potential of clients’ business.

 Our long history of serving private clients and helping them structure and manage their business and family affairs, has provided us first-hand understanding of their unique needs and priorities.

In our role as advisors as well as corporate secretary on clients’ corporate structures, we work alongside our clients with executive presence providing advice and continued guidance on corporate governance matters.

Our extensive knowledge of corporate law and finance together with our forward-thinking qualities, enable us to alert our clients and trusted partners of any hurdles that may lie ahead.