Organizations across industries are confronted with an expanding array of compliance obligations. In addition to anti-money laundering (AML) counter terrorist financing (CFT), anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABC) and other relevant regulations, there are an increasing number of environmental, social and governance requirements covering everything from board composition to data privacy. 

Furthermore, economic and trade sanctions pose a constantly shifting challenge given the global nature of business, supply chains, ownership structures, and customer and banking relationships. 

Fulfilling these compliance obligations requires a sophisticated mechanism that includes policies and procedures, training, effective communication channels, internal audit, escalation, response and disclosure. 

Abacus’ Corporate Compliance experts help organizations evaluate their compliance functions, manage compliance risks, and respond quickly and effectively should a compliance issue arise. Our team and global network of partners and advisors includes professionals with regulatory, legal and complimentary backgrounds, with extensive expertise in all major compliance areas.

Our Corporate Compliance advisory engagements are customized to address a range of client needs, including the below related services: