Committed to growing responsibility

Since its establishment in 2001, Abacus has always been committed to growing responsibly, partnering only with organizations and people that share our own values and principles and succeed in their affairs while staying respectful to people, communities and the environment.

As business advisors and serious professionals, we prioritize tangible actions over mere rhetoric. These concepts are directly related to the services we offer and we recognize that our success is largely predicated on the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of our practices.

Commitment to Our People

We love and value our people. We don’t just view them as employees. We see them as family and the #1 reason for our success. This is why we invest so much time and resources in creating a corporate lifestyle that encourages diversity, inclusion, values every voice, and respects a balanced life.


Investing in Our Community

Our values of integrity and ethical behavior go beyond how we conduct ourselves in business—they extend to our city, our country, our schools, our hospitals, our firefighters, our military and all other people that protect our country and our environment.

This commitment takes the form of volunteering, serving on boards, and making charitable donations—always without seeking publicity and credit for our initiatives. For us this is deeply personal and not a marketing driven agenda.

Environmental Sustainability

As a firm, we’ve made steady progress in minimizing our environmental impact—from how we source our office supplies to the business choices we make on a daily basis.

This is an area in which we are deeply committed and feel that we can significantly improve upon in the coming years.

We are therefore developing specific goals and policies to help us get to where we want, including percentage of recycled materials, moving towards paperless working model, total amount of recyclable supplies we use in our office, amount of water we use, direct and indirect energy we consume etc.