Passion works here

Life at Abacus is rewarding, fun, and loaded with opportunities to learn, get involved with exciting projects, meet fascinating people from all over the world and play a part in seeing major global projects grow and succeed.

Every day is an opportunity to get involved with interesting projects, work alongside like-minded and highly qualified colleagues as well as external local and global partners, industry experts, amazing clients from all over the world, gaining experiences and meeting people that will undoubtedly shape your future.

Continuous learning is a fundamental component of our corporate culture. In addition to our standard professional qualification training programs, we encourage and support all employees with initiatives that involve learning and obtaining new skills, certifications, qualifications etc.

And most importantly, a very substantial amount of training time is dedicated to each employee every year. Both inside and outside the organization, employees enjoy access to all the opportunities and tools needed to develop their skills and grow.

Our employees come from over 15 countries

representing even more nationalities, and fluently speak numerous languages. With a corporate culture that supports diversity and inclusion, employees come together to work every day with a feeling of belonging and understanding of the impact their individual contributions have on the greater group.


We provide a workplace which enables talented people to thrive, irrespective of background

Being the employer of choice for people of all profiles and backgrounds is central to our people strategy. We accomplish this by recruiting and retaining exceptional, diverse talent, of good character. People who are drawn to Abacus by our commitment to being genuine and human first.

This is why we greatly value and embrace the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, and apply them in every single aspect of activity. From how we select and develop our people, to how we ensure our performance evaluation system prioritizes fairness and equity.

Our philosophy is to cultivate a corporate lifestyle where our people are not only provided with opportunities to perform at a high level, but also to be recognized and cheered on. We strive to offer every single colleague the opportunity to learn, develop, and do meaningful work, surrounded and supported by leaders and peers who are genuine, inclusive and kind.